Why Matters Testimonials

I was shocked at finding out how much more experience I had then I previously believed.  Your workshop lead me to better define myself in the professional world.  It helped me tremendously!

  • F.H.

Awesome Workshop Kevin! You are the branding guru. I highly recommend Kevin's workshop.

  • C.L.

(Kevin's) techniques resonated with me in terms of positioning myself in the industry even stronger. I appreciate having had the opportunity to attend.

  • D. S.

Thank you very much!!! The workshop works because of your delivery, your personality and your authenticity.   I attended twice... kinda by mistake because the titles were different (9/17 and 1/28).  I was glad that I did.. it's a real boost to feel the positive energy.

  • E. L.

"Great presentation... one of the best I've seen in a long, long time.

  • Adam B.

(Your personal branding intensive) was a great session. Every time I go through your program, I learn a little bit more. The extra time and exercises really helped illustrate the key points you wanted to make.
D. G.

Thank you Kevin for a great, thought provoking and inspiring (personal branding intensive) session. Now I need to get to work.

  • Y. S.

I wanted to thank you for the (personal branding intensive) workshop on Saturday. I needed that! It fulfilled a big WHAT'S NEXT for me and part of a big area that I struggle with not only in my career, but as a human being.

  • S.F.

I really would like to thank you for your What Matters and SWOT work sessions.  They were quite helpful in my personal assessments, marketing strategy adjustments, and confidence.  (loved the exercise of working in slang - I was horrible at it). I've been telling many people about you and your sessions.

  • C.L.

Just a note to thank you for some branding information you shared. I want you to know that I USED some of that information recently and I landed!

  • K.S.

I have attended a couple of workshops that Kevin has run and rather than talk at you Kevin develops understanding and brings you along for what is a very enthusiastic, informative and enlightening "ride". Even if you think you know who you are and what your personal brand is, this workshop is a must attend event.

  • R.B.

Just a note to thank you for today's session. I found it extremely useful and helpful.

  • J.L.

I had high expectations for Kevin's workshop and those expectations were exceeded. Had trouble going to sleep thinking of my BIG IDEA.

  • L.D.

Your presentation was terrific and so valuable.  The idea of personal branding is so new to most people from the corporate world, but you make an otherwise confusing topic so clear and workable.

  • D.C.

I enjoyed your branding session yesterday - very informative, and you were a dynamic speaker!! I loved that you had us all participating so much!

  • P.H.

You introduced some fresh air into my personal brand thinking... Indeed, your presentation hearkened back to my LA Fellows training last year, in which the nuts-and-bolts practicality of Job Search was countered with self-reaffirmation of one's childlike and passionate internal dreams.

  • M.F.

I really enjoyed your presentation today and it will certainly help me in my job search as well as starting my new business venture.

  • W.S.

It was a privilege to meet you and attend your personal branding workshop. The questions that you posed to the group were really what I needed. I am tweaking my story to help explain what I do best.

  • C.F.

I realized at your presentation and again today that I simply have not put enough thought into this area and as a result of your information am doing so now and will be better prepared for future presentations.  I also liked your suggestions about probing the depth of the issue with the client before answering to be sure the response is consistent with the concern.

  • J.M.

Your presentation was spot on and your delivery was excellent. Your clear focus on the story and narrative is compelling. I especially enjoyed your "Ya. But..." rebuttal of our weaknesses. My experience in hearing the "Ya. But..." had a real and direct impact on me - which I did not expect.

  • R.L.

Although I have done numerous SWOT analysis, I never have done one for my brand.  Your seminar was very engaging and helpful.

  • B.M.

I’ve been to two presentations and have gotten something valuable out of each of them. As an HR executive of over 20 years (and being involved in recruitment all this time) I can say that when I am approached about employment at my company, the person who has a clearly defined brand, and the WHY in the way you suggest, definitely ends up being "top of mind" and improves the chances of being hired.

  • A.K.

I wanted to thank you for the great presentation yesterday.  I really learned a lot.  It was a lot of material to cover in a short period of time but I thought it was very helpful to actually present our Strengths and work on deflecting the Weaknesses as this will be helpful during job interviews.

  • C.A.

Kevin's presentation was excellent. It was especially helpful in the exercise on weaknesses. As the question always arises in the recent interviews I've had, "What is your greatest weakness?" The group suggested excellent responses which turn that into a real benefit.

  • D.P.

I’d like to congratulate you on delivering an outstanding workshop. The biggest payoff for me specifically was the exercise of having your colleagues help you with reframing your weaknesses as strengths.  There has been one of several issues that I have been struggling with marketing wise in looking for a permanent position and that is the amount of interim work on my resume.  Not unlike your “lacks focus” weakness.  With the help of my colleagues I was able to come away with a couple of effective “Yes, but” responses.

  • J.S.

The workshop moved me into my discomfort zone effortlessly. Gotta face those demons.

  • C.C.

I loved your talk yesterday!  As I mentioned, there were some ideas that were floating around in the periphery of my consciousness that needed to be pulled together.  Thank you so much for giving me the string I needed to do that.  Also, you created some new openings for me to ask myself questions and continue to grow.  [And I didn't even give you my credit card!]

Your advice was communications consulting at its best and I will definitely recommend you as a speaker.

  • D.G.

I wanted to thank you for your very insightful presentation last week. As a marketing person, I already had an elevator pitch but as you rolled out your ideas I was able to make mine much crisper and more focused! I especially appreciated hearing your thoughts on The Big Idea.  I think many people get so concerned about the value props that we forget the big idea!  You really brought that concept to life for me.

  • M.T.

It was refreshing to hear someone with passion and not afraid to use a few "non political" words. Good stuff I got out of your presentation.

  • S.F.

Sending you lots of praise for your presentation yesterday.  I was thoroughly inspired and really had a change of heart yesterday in this career search.  I have been in finance / banking and sales for most of career, and it was very important for me to listen to your presentation on building a more powerful personal brand.

  • R.B.

A true eye opener in how to brand myself and what that really means. We talk a lot about branding but you were able to break it down so we were able to really understand what that means to an individual. I loved the breakout sessions/workshops so we could use your teachings, use our new knowledge to apply it to our own brand.

  • K.S.