WHY MATTERS #branding

"Even if you think you know who you are and what your personal brand is a WHY MATTERS workshop is a must-attend event"

Build Stronger Brands

To be successful in the marketplace, brands must effectively communicate to potential customers why – why they are relevant, why they are essential, why they matter. The same is true for individuals, where personal brand can be as much a factor in achieving professional objectives as bottom-line performance.

  • For Organizations: Giving employees (throughout the organization) the tools they need to communicate how they (personally) are helping their organization deliver on its brand-promise; Providing leaders the skills they need to be more powerful (and more effective) brand advocates (Read More)
  • For Individuals: Teaching individuals brand strategy skills so that they can create and leverage their own unique personal brand for better networking, better opportunity discovery and better success (Keep Reading)
  • A proven process

    StormCellar's #branding work has helped organizations, including: Starbucks, Nordstrom, Google & Microsoft, University of Washington, LMU, Woodbury University, Right Management, Lee Hecht Harrison & Marketing Executive Networking Group (MENG), among others.

    Why Why Matters Is Unique

    The WHY MATTERS #branding program was developed by StormCellar principal Kevin Susman, an industry-leading brand strategist. Firmly rooted in proven brand-marketing strategy – conceived to be accessible to people, designed to meet the exacting demands of StormCellar's Fortune 100 clients, StormCellar's WHY MATTERS work is unique, and uniquely effective, because of its focus on the emotional connections that result when you understand what you offer, how you help and why you matter. Drawing upon the same strategies and methodologies that have made StormCellar’s corporate work successful.

    WHY MATTERS Is For Everyone

    Business professional or Student. Tech geek or Creative type. Entrepreneur or Unemployed… Wherever you are, whether personal branding is a new initiative, or one that just needs fine tuning, StormCellar's WHY MATTERS #branding helps individuals – employed or not – to rethink, reconstruct and recommit to the development and communication of their personal brands. It really is that simple.

  • Employed – Whether you’re in the C-Suite or the Warehouse, the power of your personal brand can have a direct impact on your ability to achieve your professional objectives.
  • Freelance - When the success of your personal enterprise is dependent upon you, the strength of your personal brand is crucial to your bottom-line.
  • In-transition – Potential employers start their quest looking for what you do, but who you are and why you should matter to them is how personal branding can help you with career success
  • "Kevin's branding workshops are unique and very different from everything else in the marketplace. His message is highly useful and valuable; he delivers it clearly, effectively, and engagingly. I highly recommend his workshops for entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals. " - A.L.