Team Visioning

"Kevin's workshop was exactly what my team needed. His ideas on brand and customer benefit are refreshing and practical"

Build Stronger Brand Advocates

The most compelling brand advocates for any organization are its people. They communicate what the brand offers and how it helps. They are the reasons the brand matters. But, how are your people shaping the perceptions of their customers? How are they validating their employer's brand vision? How are they helping deliver on its promise? StormCellar's #teamvisioning work teaches individuals how to use the practical tools of marketing & branding to become more effective leaders, capable of creating more successful organizations.

WHY MATTERS makes a difference

With WHY MATTERS #teamvisioning, StormCellar gives people the training they need to become more effective leaders capable of creating more successful organizations. Whether at the head office or with an intact work-group, it is people who communicate the organization’s vision and fulfill its promise – and WHY MATTERS #teamvisioning can give them the tools to do it!

  • Leadership Development - Whether they’re in the C-Suite, leading a business unit, or running an intact workgroup, your organization’s leaders are the most visible faces of the enterprise. To be effective as brand advocates, they must be able to clearly and compellingly communicate what your organization offers, how it helps its customers and why it matters!
  • Organizational Effectiveness – Wherever they are in the organization, the goal is total engagement – where every member of your organization knows how they enable the organization’s fulfillment of its promise to its customers.
  • Employee Development – Whether its boosting sales, improving efficiency or creating a more satisfied workforce, your people are more compelling, and more successful, when they know what they offer, how they help and why they matter!
  • A proven process

    StormCellar's #teamvisioning has helped organizations, including: Starbucks, Nordstrom, Google & Microsoft, University of Washington, LMU, Woodbury University, Right Management, Lee Hecht Harrison & Marketing Executive Networking Group (MENG), among others.

    "Kevin's presentation was terrific and so valuable. The idea of personal branding is so new to most people from the corporate world, but he makes an otherwise confusing topic so clear and workable." - D.C.